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October 28, 2003 in, nature, Uncategorized gives you access to the voices of many hearts from around the globe, all joining  together with same purpose of helping our planet be a better place for everyone… had been established in 2003, offering free web space to non-profit charity and educational organizations from around the world. It is with great honor that here are featured Groups and Associations  from countries of all continents. is bringing to you the sources, the direct connection to the main actors from around the world, actively involved in helping people, communities and countries.

Find here a selection of independent organizations from around the globe, which we believe are fully devoted to their highest purpose of truly making a difference. Select Continent by Continent, Country by Country to find lists of organizations. has no affiliation with any of its sub-domains or featured organizations, other than offering free platform, free space, to give them opportunity to share their good deeds with the whole world. doesn’t collect or receive any funds on behalf of any organization, therefore please contact each of them directly through our featured links and/or their sub-domains.